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Ar­i­ana grog­gi­ly awoke to a fun­ny feel­ing com­ing from be­tween her legs. They felt... odd­ly wet. Per­haps even a lit­tle slip­pery. The room was still dark, and the tiny amount of light present was com­ing from the moon shin­ing through the win­dow veil. It was clear­ly not any­where near time to get up, so she real­ly didn't feel like pay­ing all that much at­ten­tion to a funky feel­ing that was bare­ly both­er­ing her. At least, that was un­til she felt some­thing slip in­side her.

Her eyes flew open, and she sat up with a jolt. Spooked, she peeled back the bed­sheets and rubbed her eyes to see what was go­ing on, then peered down at her legs and blinked. Mo­ments lat­er, her mouth opened into the shape of a silent scream. She quick­ly let go of the bed­cov­ers and in­stinc­tive­ly scram­bled back­wards into the head­board, but the... thing, what­ev­er it was, was still there. In the low light, it looked en­tire­ly non­de­script, but she could tell it was slimy by the moon­light re­flect­ed on its slick sur­face. Worse yet, it ap­peared to be mov­ing—specif­i­cal­ly, it was mov­ing deep­er and deep­er into her body through a par­tic­u­lar­ly in­ti­mate hole.

It didn't help mat­ters much that she could feel it in­side her now, puls­ing and push­ing it­self fur­ther and fur­ther. As it con­tin­ued firm­ly em­bed­ding it­self in­side her vagi­na, it seemed to ex­pand slight­ly, and the swelling rubbed up against her flesh and cre­at­ed an al­most over­whelm­ing sen­sa­tion of full­ness. Ar­i­ana was in­stinc­tive­ly hold­ing her breath in ten­sion, too shocked and afraid to pan­ic, but too wor­ried and vi­o­lat­ed to ad­mit the plea­sur­able, elec­tric vibes its pres­ence was in­duc­ing. As it nes­tled into her body, fill­ing every nook and cran­ny, her clear-head­ed­ness be­gan to steadi­ly fal­ter. Her breath­ing quick­ened, small gasps es­caped from her mouth, and a vi­tal need arose, dri­ving her to probe her tin­gling equip­ment to just try and com­pre­hend what was hap­pen­ing to her. Still, she was not will­ing to give in. She grit­ted her teeth and tugged her hands away, lock­ing them be­hind her back, com­plete­ly res­olute and ded­i­cat­ed to re­sist­ing what­ev­er ter­ror was sud­den­ly vi­o­lat­ing her.

And then she or­gasmed.

It was sud­den. It was to­tal. It was com­plete­ly ter­ri­fy­ing, and it was in­cred­i­ble. Sec­onds ticked by. Maybe min­utes, too. She couldn't tell, but it didn’t mat­ter: it was bliss. A cas­cade of in­di­vid­ual pin­pricks of eu­pho­ria burst from deep with­in her com­fort­ably filled crotch, wash­ing over her like a warm blan­ket, en­tan­gling her in in­escapable plea­sure that blot­ted all else out of her mind. Legs kicked. Arms writhed. Fin­gers slipped in­side her drip­ping hole, then flew out again to get at her aching breasts. She came, com­plete­ly and thor­ough­ly, and her sur­round­ings slow­ly fad­ed away un­til she was in a co­coon of liq­uid well-be­ing.

And then, just like it start­ed, it stopped. Eyes flut­tered open once more, and she found her­self slumped against a pil­low, her sheets com­plete­ly kicked off, leav­ing her legs and nethers com­plete­ly and ut­ter­ly ex­posed. She lift­ed her head war­i­ly to peer at the space be­tween her thighs once more, but when her eyes fo­cused upon her naked body, there was noth­ing there but a sticky, wet pud­dle of her own juices. She was emp­ty. It had all been noth­ing more than a dream.

But one hell of a dream! she thought, shak­ing her head ever so slight­ly. She picked up her tou­sled sheets and pulled them back over her shiv­er­ing fig­ure, and be­fore long, she was once again fast asleep.

The next morn­ing was a haze. Ar­i­ana woke up to find her­self with a stub­born headache and a jum­bled set of mem­o­ries of what had hap­pened the night be­fore. She forced her­self to get out of bed, though she didn't stop to put on any clothes, and she stum­bled into the kitchen to get a glass of wa­ter. She was unimag­in­ably thirsty, and she downed the whole thing be­fore fi­nal­ly turn­ing to glance at the mir­ror on the wall. Some­thing looked odd about her eyes. Her pupils were very wide, and her whites were es­pe­cial­ly pale. Stranger still, they had a glazed-over shine to them that seemed al­most re­flec­tive, like the thin film of a soap bub­ble. She won­dered if she might be get­ting sick.

It dawned on her that she was still naked, and she blushed a lit­tle, de­spite be­ing com­plete­ly alone in her small, one-bed­room apart­ment. Glanc­ing down at her­self, she was real­ly some­thing of a mess. Her nip­ples looked odd­ly puffy, and a mix­ture of fresh flu­id and sticky residue coat­ed the in­sides of her thighs. Last night's or­deal had left her odd­ly horny. Still with an aching head, she put down the emp­ty glass and head­ed for the couch. Feel­ing a bit re­signed, she sighed. If she was tru­ly alone and had nowhere to be, why not get some sim­ple re­lief?

Spread­ing her legs and slump­ing into the cush­ions, Ar­i­ana held up two nim­ble fin­gers and del­i­cate­ly stroked her en­gorged pussy lips. She’d done this so many times be­fore, it was now prac­ti­cal­ly sec­ond-na­ture. She cir­cled the rim a few times, then gin­ger­ly dipped them with­in, smil­ing soft­ly and breath­ing a sigh of con­tent­ment. That felt good. She be­gan the slow self-tease, light­ly brush­ing her clit and stim­u­lat­ing the folds of her labia, when she caught a whiff of a whol­ly un­ex­pect­ed fra­grance. It was sweet but dense, like the smell of thick nec­tar, and yet it was al­lur­ing be­yond be­lief, hint­ing at notes of a deep musk. The scent was breath­tak­ing­ly erot­ic, and her body re­act­ed faster than her mind, nudg­ing her fin­gers deep­er, start­ing to mas­sage her breasts. A split sec­ond lat­er, the smell reached her mind, and she re­al­ized it was com­ing from her.

The re­al­iza­tion was con­fus­ing and scary, at least for a mo­ment. What was hap­pen­ing to her? She felt like she should be wor­ried, but there was noth­ing there. All she could ad­mit to her­self was how in­cred­i­bly aroused it was mak­ing her. She want­ed to make love to her­self, to bury her own face in her love­ly, sweet scent, to do noth­ing for the rest of the day but rev­el in plea­sure. There was no room for her to con­sid­er con­fu­sion or wor­ry. Even so, as she moaned sweet­ly for the first time, a thought crept into her head: Na­dia was vis­it­ing her in mere hours.

Na­dia was Ar­i­ana’s best friend, the only per­son she trust­ed with all her heart. In col­lege, she’d been there through all of Ar­i­ana’s ups and downs. She was like a sis­ter to her.

And now all Ar­i­ana want­ed to do was fuck her.

She pic­tured the girl she knew all too well: pe­tite, blonde, and soft-fea­tured. Of course, in her mind’s eye, Na­dia was nude. Specif­i­cal­ly, she was kneel­ing in front of her, head be­tween her legs, tongue lap­ping at Ar­i­ana’s dirty cunt and tast­ing her drip­ping sweet syrup. I love you, she would mur­mur, her in­no­cent lover, and Ar­i­ana would whis­per back…

I love you, too… ohh~!” It wasn’t in­ten­tion­al, but she’d just ut­tered the words from her fan­ta­sy aloud. Her voice sound­ed a lit­tle dif­fer­ent, she thought. A lit­tle breath­i­er and a lit­tle huski­er. Less girly, more wom­an­ly? It was sul­try, that’s for sure. It was the voice of a girl who want­ed to fuck and be fucked. In fact, per­haps it wasn’t all that far off from the voice of a—

Slut.” Hear­ing the word aloud broke her out of her li­bido-fu­eled stu­por. God, what the hell was she think­ing? First of all, she wasn't gay. Sec­ond of all, Na­dia was a child­hood friend. The thoughts that had been rac­ing through her head mo­ments ear­li­er were sud­den­ly taint­ed with dis­gust.

And then she or­gasmed. Again.

Look­ing down, she re­al­ized she still had most of her hand buried in her pussy. Both it and the ta­ble sit­ting a foot away were now coat­ed in am­ple amounts of sticky, wet girljuice. It was gross… or so she told her­self as she licked it off of her fin­gers. “Wow,” she mum­bled to her­self, her voice most­ly re­turned to nor­mal, “that real­ly tastes as good as it smells.” Re­luc­tant­ly wip­ing her hand on the cush­ion, Ar­i­ana forced her­self to stand up, only to be greet­ed by a strange squish when her thighs sand­wiched her im­pos­si­bly plump pussy lips to­geth­er, squirt­ing a few more drops of flu­id onto the floor. She gig­gled in spite of her­self. It felt good, af­ter all. She took a step for­ward, fig­ur­ing it was time to wash off all this gunk cov­er­ing her body, when she felt a small slap against the in­side of her left leg.

She quick­ly twist­ed her head to look at what had bumped into her, and at first, she wasn't ex­act­ly sure. She saw some­thing dan­gling down be­tween her legs, but what was it? It was long, it was thin, and it was… fleshy? She grabbed it with her left hand and tried to pick it up to get a clos­er look, only to be greet­ed by an un­ex­pect­ed yank­ing feel­ing com­ing from the base of her spine. The sen­sa­tion, paired with the re­al­iza­tion of where this thing was dan­gling from, made it in­cred­i­bly clear what she was hold­ing: her own tail. This was new. Hy­per­sen­si­tive breasts? Pret­ty fun. Sweet-smelling, leaky gen­i­talia? Per­haps rather ques­tion­able, but still pret­ty fun. A tail was a tad… con­cern­ing, at best. What was hap­pen­ing to her?

She stared at the new ap­pendage and ab­sent­mind­ed­ly wrig­gled her tail­bone, guilti­ly en­joy­ing what it felt like to have a long-lost mam­malian trait re­turned to her. But no, she was get­ting dis­tract­ed again. Why did she have a tail? More im­por­tant­ly, why wasn't she pan­ick­ing about it? She had to ad­mit, it was kind of cute, though. Maybe Na­dia would find it cute, too.

Ar­i­ana gulped. There were those feel­ings again. “I'm. Not. Into. Girls.” she told her­self force­ful­ly. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it was fol­lowed by a slight­ly dif­fer­ent thought: I won­der if Na­dia could be? She curled her tail around her leg and bit her lip. This was not go­ing so well. She need­ed to take a cold show­er.

Step­ping into the small bath­room, she pulled back the show­er cur­tain and turned on the wa­ter. She need­ed to clear her head—noth­ing made sense, but she was too dazed to se­ri­ous­ly re­act. She sat down on top of the closed toi­let and picked up her tail to get a bet­ter look. Her tail. It was a weird phrase to think, she sup­posed, but it was def­i­nite­ly hers now, and hon­est­ly, she kin­da liked it. If it weren't so darn weird, she would prob­a­bly con­sid­er her­self lucky. In­stead, she was most­ly just wor­ried how she was go­ing to hide it. The tail wasn't some stub­by lit­tle thing, ei­ther: it was im­pres­sive­ly long, though quite slen­der, and it com­fort­ably reached the ground while she was sit­ting. She could con­trol it eas­i­ly enough, but she wor­ried what it might do sub­con­scious­ly while she wasn't fo­cus­ing on it. Af­ter all, she thought, think about all the ges­tic­u­lat­ing peo­ple do when sim­ply talk­ing. Putting her wor­ries aside for the mo­ment, her at­ten­tion re­turned to her sur­round­ings, and steam was be­gin­ning to bil­low out of the show­er. She was about to get up to step into the wa­ter when…

Eep!” she squealed, tug­ging her left hand away. It was drip­ping wet and ab­solute­ly cov­ered in her own juices. Talk about sub­con­scious in­stincts! She hadn’t even no­ticed it, but she’d been play­ing with her­self the whole time! Gri­mac­ing and prepar­ing for the worst to come, she shook her head and tried to let her stres­sors go while she stepped into the cool wa­ter. She rinsed her sex-soaked hand and let the same, sticky flu­id wash away from the in­side of her legs. Ugh. She was a mess.

Ar­i­ana reached for the bot­tle of sham­poo and squirt­ed a daub into her hand, start­ing to work it through her hair. She took the time to mas­sage her tem­ples, al­ready feel­ing com­plete­ly ex­haust­ed just from con­stant­ly try­ing to re­sist every­thing that was hap­pen­ing to her (and still not quite suc­ceed­ing). She worked the sham­poo into a soapy lath­er and sighed, then pro­ceed­ed to rinse it out, warm wa­ter flow­ing over her chest and back. A few beads of it rolled over her breasts, and oth­ers trick­led around her low­er lips. She shiv­ered, try­ing hard not to think about it and reach­ing for the bot­tle of con­di­tion­er.

She held the bot­tle in her hands and swal­lowed. Her eyes wan­dered from the cylin­der of plas­tic down to the rivulets of wa­ter teas­ing her nethers. No, not now... she need­ed to stay in her own head. She need­ed to fight this. She could not give in! But her nose twitched, her nos­trils flared, and she re­al­ized she could smell her­self. The scent was so in­cred­i­bly strong, so in­cred­i­bly over­pow­er­ing, that she could feel it wash over her, sec­ond by sec­ond, and yet she was com­plete­ly help­less to stop it. The wa­ter was cas­cad­ing over her thighs, but some­how, the sud­den tor­rent of thick mo­lasses drip­ping out of her cun­ny was too much to sim­ply wash away. She blinked. Why was it so thick? Why did it smell so good? And most im­por­tant­ly, why did she want to be fucked so in­cred­i­bly bad­ly?

Her eyes drift­ed back to the bot­tle in her hands, and in a few swift move­ments, splursh. It was buried with­in her slit. She moaned loud­ly and backed into the wall pump­ing it in and out like her life de­pend­ed on it. She want­ed it deep­er. She want­ed to be ut­ter­ly filled, just as she felt in her dream last night (if it real­ly was a dream). She was thrust­ing into it, dri­ving it deep­er and deep­er, when sud­den­ly, she stopped. She’d felt some­thing. A sense of dread washed over her yet again, whol­ly an­tic­i­pat­ing some ter­ri­fy­ing new de­vel­op­ment, and de­spite al­most want­i­ng to ig­nore it, curl up in a ball, and cry, Ar­i­ana took an­oth­er look at what was hap­pen­ing to her crotch.

Holy hell.” Her crotch was… well, there was no bet­ter way of putting it: her crotch was alive. Its lips had swelled to an enor­mous size, and they were puls­ing and churn­ing, ef­fec­tive­ly suck­ing the plas­tic bot­tle like it was a cock. Ar­i­ana was ter­ri­fied. She could feel the mus­cles in­side her snatch clench­ing and un­clench­ing at a rapid pace, pulling the makeshift dil­do in­side her pulse by pulse, and what was worse, she could feel her­self do­ing it. It would be so easy to tell her­self that her vagi­na was do­ing it on its own, that she had no con­trol over what was hap­pen­ing to her, but that would be a lie. The nerves lin­ing her hole were very much con­nect­ed to her mind, and she was egging them on. She didn’t want them to stop. She was des­per­ate­ly tug­ging with her dis­turbing­ly pow­er­ful vagi­na to fill the hole that felt so dis­ap­point­ing­ly emp­ty.

While Ar­i­ana was watch­ing her brand new or­gan hap­pi­ly con­sume what she'd forced into it, she’d been grow­ing pro­gres­sive­ly more aroused by her own chang­ing body, and be­fore she knew it, her hands had flown to her nip­ples and were en­er­get­i­cal­ly mas­sag­ing her warm breasts as the wa­ter streamed over her smooth skin. It felt so amaz­ing­ly good to touch them, far more than it ever had, and it wasn't long be­fore they start­ed lac­tat­ing, first in a small trick­le, then turn­ing into a sol­id, un­bro­ken stream of hot, white milk. She felt like her whole body was en­veloped in a cozy bliss—her sur­round­ings fad­ed away, and all she could feel was plea­sure. But she want­ed more.

Her des­per­ate suck­ling on the in­ser­tion stick­ing out of her crotch was fail­ing her—she need­ed it deep­er, but she was too slip­pery, and her needy lips were too slick with her juices to pull any fur­ther. She need­ed to push it in­side, but her breasts! She didn’t want to stop… it was too good to stop. But she need­ed more! And then she re­mem­bered: she had a tail! Sud­den­ly grow­ing even more ex­cit­ed, she lift­ed her fleshy tail and coiled it around the bot­tle, then eased it just a lit­tle bit fur­ther. It was too much. Ar­i­ana couldn’t con­tain her­self any longer, and she peaked, push­ing into an or­gasm so strong, she was bare­ly aware of what was even hap­pen­ing any­more. Milk splat­tered against the walls and show­er cur­tain, and the sheer vol­ume of the flu­id eject­ed from her pussy would have eas­i­ly dis­lodged the sham­poo bot­tle were her tail not hold­ing it in place. In­stinc­tive­ly, she clenched her vagi­na even hard­er around the tough plas­tic and prac­ti­cal­ly gur­gled a gasp of plea­sure, near­ly in­ca­pac­i­tat­ed by or­gas­mic cli­max.

An in­stant lat­er, she felt the bot­tle vi­o­lent­ly lurch even deep­er. She jerked her chin back down to look at what was hap­pen­ing, and the ridicu­lous­ness she saw hap­pen­ing in her crotch al­most made her cum again. There was move­ment com­ing from in­side her cunt, and one by one, tiny, cil­ia-like ten­ta­cles wormed their way un­til they com­plete­ly lined the rim of her vagi­na. They were small—not much longer than a cou­ple of mil­lime­ters, tops—but they were as sen­si­tive as an av­er­age woman's clit, and they were hap­pi­ly tug­ging on the bot­tle un­til it was al­most en­tire­ly in­side her, only the tiny cap stick­ing out like a cute lit­tle pro­tru­sion. Ar­i­ana screamed in ec­sta­sy as it was quick­ly slurped in­side her, and she un­rav­eled her tail, no longer nec­es­sary. The whole bath­room smelled like her pussy now, the sul­try sweet scent of nec­tar and sex. She did not hes­i­tate in tak­ing her sticky, now free tail and slam­ming it into her mouth, its al­most sick­ly sweet fla­vor en­velop­ing her tongue and trick­ling down her throat. Her tail and her tongue in­ter­twined, al­most like she was french kiss­ing her­self, and it was ab­solute­ly mag­i­cal.

Ar­i­ana sucked on the tail in her mouth and the bot­tle in her vagi­na, and she long­ing­ly won­dered what it would be like if one (or both) of those were re­placed by a cock. She start­ed to wrig­gle the end of her tail and gen­tly slipped it over her lips, slid­ing it in and out and lick­ing it like it was the thick pe­nis she want­ed it to be. Mmm. These were good thoughts. Maybe if she’d been just a lit­tle more calm she would have been alarmed by her sud­den ex­treme thirst to put a man’s flesh in her mouth, but hon­est­ly, at this point she was just re­lieved that she was fan­ta­siz­ing about men again rather than women. Well, okay, she was real­ly just fan­ta­siz­ing about men’s cocks, but hey, close enough. Maybe she would bend over hand put her hands against the wall of the show­er—ohhh, yes, just like that—and then some­thing warm and thick would be thrust into her ea­ger hole. She played with the bot­tle em­bed­ded in her snatch by ex­er­cis­ing her new vagi­nal mus­cles: she turned it, tugged it in and out… it was fun, but it would be so much more so if it were alive! She was imag­in­ing how it would taste, em­bed­ded deep in her slimy cunt, when she paused. Taste? Oh god, she could taste… some­thing. Her vagi­na was tast­ing the plas­tic of the con­di­tion­er bot­tle so firm­ly held by her strong grasp. Oooh, these new de­vel­op­ments were so much fun!

She couldn’t take it any­more. Fin­gers buried in her soft breasts, Ar­i­ana came, and as she did, the bot­tle seemed to rock­et out of her vagi­na and slam against the show­er wall, tum­bling to the ground with a loud se­ries of clanks and clunks. Her tail slapped against the in­side of her thighs, and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, pant­i­ng and squeal­ing in or­gas­mic moans. She fell to her knees, the wa­ter splat­ter­ing over her back, part­ing around her tail and pool­ing around her legs and feet. She sighed. She had no idea what had hap­pened to her, but at this point, she felt too good to care. Every­thing about her felt hy­per­sen­si­tive, even just the warm, wet air mixed with the smell of her won­der­ful pussy made her vagi­nal mus­cles twitch, and she felt a warm feel­ing slith­er across her stom­ach. She glanced down, and this time, she just grinned. Hang­ing out of her pussy were four slick, hot ten­ta­cles.

Holy hell, I’m a mon­ster,” she said, shak­ing her head. She tast­ed her sticky flesh with her ten­ta­cles and stood up hap­pi­ly, the cil­ia around her vagi­na rip­pling pleas­ant­ly. She felt good. Great, ac­tu­al­ly. She was buzzing with a feel­ing of ex­cit­ed arousal, even af­ter just or­gas­ming twice, but it didn’t both­er her. She took a fi­nal lick of the flu­id on her thighs be­fore re­tract­ing her ten­ta­cles back in­side her pussy and reach­ing for the soap—she need­ed to get all cleaned up for Na­dia!

About one hour lat­er, there was a knock on Ar­i­ana’s apart­ment door.

She picked her­self up from the couch and smoothed out the folds of her skirt, tak­ing care to keep her tail care­ful­ly tucked be­tween her legs. Part of it rubbed against her en­gorged pussy lips as she stood up, and she shiv­ered. Shift­ing her ten­ta­cles ever so slight­ly and care­ful­ly giv­ing her body a quick once over, Ar­i­ana took a deep breath and opened the front door.

Ar­i­ana!” came a cheery voice.

Na­dia.” Ar­i­ana was beam­ing, and her voice was warm and wel­com­ing. She held the door open and let the young woman step in. “Here, let me take your things,” she of­fered, pick­ing up the girl’s back­pack and putting it in the cor­ner. “Come,” she said firm­ly, rel­ish­ing the dou­ble mean­ing of the word as it left her lips, “I want to know how you’re do­ing!”

Na­dia smiled at Ar­i­ana and quick­ly stepped over to the couch, try­ing not to stare. Some­thing about her was… real­ly ex­cit­ing. She had real­ly grown up! It hadn’t been that long since they’d seen each oth­er, but Na­dia knew some­thing had changed about her col­lege friend.

Ar­i­ana stepped into the kitchen and fetched two glass­es of wa­ter, let­ting her tail swing freely while it was hid­den be­hind the counter. She was so ex­cit­ed. She knew her scent had com­plete­ly filled the apart­ment air, and she didn’t know ex­act­ly how Na­dia would re­act, but she was ea­ger to find out. Tuck­ing her tail un­der­neath her once more, she hand­ed her friend one glass and took a seat be­side her, not too close, but close enough so that Na­dia could get a good look.

Na­dia took a sip of wa­ter and shook her head. Ar­i­ana is real­ly stun­ning, she thought to her­self, feel­ing a lit­tle weird and not quite able to pin­point why.

So,” Ar­i­ana piped up, “how’ve you been?” Her voice was won­der­ful­ly invit­ing, like a cozy blan­ket next to a warm hearth.

I, uh... I’ve been good,” she blushed, won­der­ing if she was sud­den­ly damp or was just imag­in­ing things. What was up with her all of a sud­den? She took a deep breath, then shiv­ered. That had just made things worse. For some un­ex­plain­able rea­son, Ar­i­ana smelled real­ly good.

Oh, that’s great,” Ar­i­ana prac­ti­cal­ly purred, scoot­ing clos­er to­wards her friend. “That’s real­ly won­der­ful.” She took a deep breath her­self, and she no­ticed that she could smell Na­dia back, even through her own flow­ery scent. Oh good­ness, she’s al­ready wet, she gig­gled to her­self, drink­ing in the pleas­ant smell of an­oth­er girl’s leaky sex.

I, um... yeah.” She shook her head and blinked. “Yeah, the job’s been go­ing well, and liv­ing on my own’s been nice.” She glanced at Ar­i­ana’s warm, invit­ing eyes and quick­ly looked away. “It, ah, does get a bit lone­ly some­times,” she ad­mit­ted soft­ly. She hadn’t real­ly meant to say that, but sit­ting next to her old room­mate, she re­al­ized she kin­da missed this.

Mmm, I un­der­stand,” Ar­i­ana cooed, plac­ing a warm hand on Na­dia’s thigh. She was so sop­ping wet her­self, and she slith­ered out her ten­ta­cles just a bit to try and pre­vent her pussy from drool­ing all over the couch. “I’ve been feel­ing a lit­tle lone­ly, too, I ad­mit,” she mur­mured, her voice smooth and com­fort­ing with­out a hint of un­cer­tain­ty. “Though liv­ing alone has let me… learn a few things about my­self,” she said, en­joy­ing the sul­try notes creep­ing into her tone.

Na­dia was sure she was wet now, and the hand on her leg was mak­ing her squirm just a tad. “O–oh?” she stut­tered. “W–what do you mean?”

Well,” Ar­i­ana be­gan, “maybe you can tell,” she said with a se­duc­tive grin. “No­tice any­thing dif­fer­ent about me?” As she said that, she let her tail un­rav­el and slip up be­hind her be­neath her skirt.

W–well, yes,” Na­dia ad­mit­ted. “You’re def­i­nite­ly more, um… more at ease than I think I’ve seen you in a long time.” She blushed again at the feel­ing of Ar­i­ana’s fin­gers gen­tly rub­bing her thigh.

Ar­i­ana laughed, and her laugh was warm and melod­ic, like the call of a song­bird. “Haha, well, that is cer­tain­ly true.” She with­drew her hand and rel­ished in the slight twitch of dis­ap­point­ment that Na­dia tried to hide, but Ar­i­ana knew bet­ter. “Na­dia,” she said slow­ly, al­most whis­per­ing now, “I’ve start­ed dat­ing girls.” It was a to­tal lie—Ar­i­ana hadn’t felt any at­trac­tion to oth­er girls un­til this morn­ing—but she spoke the words like the most con­fi­dent les­bian in the world.

Na­dia bit her lip. Ar­i­ana? Dat­ing oth­er women? She’d nev­er done that be­fore, ever! I mean, real­ly, she hadn’t done much dat­ing at all, now that she thought about it. But her best friend, a les­bian? Well… she had to ad­mit she felt a twinge of some­thing. What was she feel­ing? C–could it real­ly be… jeal­ousy?

I’m sor­ry if that was a bit sud­den, Na­dia—” Ar­i­ana apol­o­gized, but Na­dia cut her off.

No.” Her face went crim­son. “I–I just mean to say that… I’m real­ly hap­py for you.” She felt like her skin was on fire, she was so flushed.

I know it’s not your thing,” Ar­i­ana con­tin­ued non­cha­lant­ly, her tail twitch­ing in an­tic­i­pa­tion, her ten­ta­cles press­ing open her low­er lips to bet­ter spread her scent into the air, “so I don’t mean to make it awk­ward. I just… have real­ly en­joyed every­thing about it. I nev­er thought of my­self as gay, but now I won­der why. Women are so smooth, so soft…” She turned back to face Na­dia. “And they real­ly just smell so nice.”

Na­dia in­vol­un­tar­i­ly whim­pered. “Ar­i­ana, my god, what are you try­ing to do to me?” The smell, the look… was Ar­i­ana com­ing on to her? She must have planned all this out, giv­en her con­fi­dent for­ward­ness, her nice per­fume… and the worst part was… it was work­ing.

I’m not try­ing to do any­thing, dear,” Ar­i­ana said in­no­cent­ly. “I’m just sit­ting here, talk­ing to you.” She fi­nal­ly let the tip of her tail peek out from un­der­neath her skirt and feel the cool air against its flesh. “All I know is that ever since you’ve walked in here, you’ve been soak­ing a hole in those panties of yours.”

Na­dia looked aghast. How did she know? And yet… there she was, star­ing back at her, her cute curls fram­ing her face so nice­ly, just look­ing so sweet and invit­ing. How had she not no­ticed this be­fore? Had she been un­able to see her own feel­ings un­til Ar­i­ana con­fessed hers? Was this Ar­i­ana’s way of try­ing to help her?

It’s al­right,” Ar­i­ana con­tin­ued, not skip­ping a beat, “be­lieve me, I won’t judge.” Her voice was still just in­cred­i­bly warm and ten­der. “I’d have to be blind not to have no­ticed how you were look­ing at me, though,” she said with a coy smile.

Na­dia didn’t know what to say, or even what to feel. She took an­oth­er deep breath, in­hal­ing an­oth­er dose of Ar­i­ana’s sweet smell, and she be­gan to feel hot, and even a lit­tle light-head­ed. “This is all too much—” she stam­mered, tak­ing a gulp of wa­ter to try and calm down. She felt a warmth on her calf and gasped a lit­tle when she re­al­ized Ar­i­ana had pressed her leg against hers.

Ar­i­ana picked up Na­dia’s hand and gave it a small squeeze. “I don’t know if it means any­thing,” she said soft­ly, “but I think you’re su­per cute.”

Na­dia melt­ed. Ar­i­ana real­ly did like her, and she didn’t know how to feel about that, but her whole body was reel­ing, and right now Ar­i­ana’s warmth felt pret­ty good. She was un­sure of these feel­ings, but she knew that she want­ed this touch; in fact, she want­ed more of it. She looked up at Ar­i­ana’s fa­mil­iar face (had it al­ways been so adorable?) and felt her whole body trem­ble.

Ar­i­ana stroked Na­dia’s cheek and nod­ded. She didn’t say a word, but in that mo­ment, Na­dia felt safe in her arms. Ar­i­ana bent down, her skin rub­bing against the shiv­er­ing girl’s body, and she placed her lips against hers.

Oh my gosh we’re kiss­ing, Na­dia thought to her­self, un­sure if this was all real­ly hap­pen­ing. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips tighter, her heart pound­ing. It all felt so sur­re­al, but she couldn’t deny some­thing: she was sud­den­ly, un­ex­plain­ably, mad­ly in love.

Ar­i­ana’s lips were sur­pris­ing­ly wet, and her sali­va seemed strange­ly sweet on Na­dia’s tongue. It smelled nice, it tast­ed nice, and it even tin­gled a lit­tle on her soft skin. Ar­i­ana pushed her body clos­er to her friend’s, and to Na­dia’s sur­prise, she felt a warm tongue push­ing its way be­tween her lips into her mouth, but she didn’t re­sist. Ar­i­ana’s tongue touched hers, and the thick syrup driz­zled into her mouth, a few drops seep­ing into her throat. Na­dia’s head start­ed to go a lit­tle fuzzy, but she felt so won­der­ful­ly safe and warm, and when she felt Ar­i­ana’s bust against her own, she just wrapped her arms around Ar­i­ana’s back and ea­ger­ly licked the in­side of the oth­er woman’s mouth. She tast­ed so good, and Na­dia just want­ed more.

Ar­i­ana’s tongue seemed to stretch and grow in­side Na­dia’s mouth, and it inched its way to­wards her throat. A thought crossed Na­dia’s mind, idly con­cerned she might have trou­ble breath­ing, but even as Ar­i­ana’s thick, wet tongue oozed its way into her throat, she didn’t gag. Her eye­lids drooped, and she start­ed to feel a wave of cool re­lax­ation wash over her. She felt like she was falling into a deep trance, yet she was any­thing but numb, and every inch of her body seemed to hunger for touch. She felt some­thing warm and slick slith­er over her stom­ach, but she didn’t want to pull away from Ar­i­ana to see what it was, even as an­oth­er sticky ten­dril wrapped around Na­dia’s right thigh.

Ar­i­ana felt Na­dia’s legs wrap around her waist to get a bet­ter grip, and she took the op­por­tu­ni­ty to move her vagi­na-ten­ta­cles low­er. They weren’t near­ly dex­trous enough to un­but­ton Na­dia’s shorts, but they were flex­i­ble enough to slide un­der­neath them, and Na­dia just shud­dered as she felt two of the sweet-smelling ap­pendages worm their way un­der­neath her panties and tease apart her pussy lips. She swal­lowed an­oth­er gulp of the de­li­cious flu­ids drip­ping off of Ar­i­ana’s tongue, and she idly start­ed to rub her heels against the woman’s back. Na­dia’s legs felt strange, and her feet felt heavy, but as