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Thanks, and have a nice day,” the woman at the reg­is­ter said sweet­ly, and Melanie just nod­ded and gave her a weak smile be­fore tak­ing her bags and head­ing out of the store. She walked into the park­ing lot and fum­bled through her pock­ets look­ing for her car keys, threw the bags in the trunk, and quick­ly slid into the dri­ver’s seat.

She sighed, and she care­ful­ly took off her hood. She tilt­ed the rear view mir­ror and stared at the re­flec­tion of the top of her head wor­ry­ing­ly. They’re not that no­tice­able, she told her­self, run­ning her hand along the base of the bumps. She smoothed out the folds of her bag­gy jack­et and start­ed the ig­ni­tion. She peered around ner­vous­ly, flicked on the head­lights, and start­ed to pull out of the park­ing space.

As she made her way back to her small apart­ment, she tried her best to con­vince her­self not every­one was star­ing at her. In truth, she knew peo­ple prob­a­bly couldn’t even see through her car win­dows in the dim evening light, but it made her anx­ious all the same. She knew she real­ly ought to see a doc­tor, but the very idea made her whole body quiver. How would a doc­tor re­spond to some­one mirac­u­lous­ly grow­ing an­ten­nae?

She was al­most sure this was all hap­pen­ing af­ter she got stung last Sun­day, but it seemed too sur­re­al for her to re­spond to any of it all that se­ri­ous­ly. What ex­act­ly do you do when you find some­thing hap­pen­ing to you that is bi­o­log­i­cal­ly im­pos­si­ble? She’d first no­ticed some­thing wrong only two days ago, when she’d no­ticed her strange, di­lat­ed pupils in the mir­ror. This morn­ing, she’d wok­en up with these nubs com­ing out of her head.

She pulled into her apart­ment’s park­ing lot and turned off the en­gine de­feat­ed­ly. The scari­est part of every­thing was that she could feel her body chang­ing, even dur­ing the day. This morn­ing her an­ten­nae hadn’t been so clear­ly an­ten­nae, but now they were three inch long stalks that re­spond­ed to every touch. She frowned, pulled up her hood, got out of the car, and hur­ried up the flight of stairs to her apart­ment with her gro­ceries in hand.

Back in­side, Melanie un­zipped her un­com­fort­able jack­et and threw it across the room, then al­most im­me­di­ate­ly pulled her shirt over her head. She stared down at her bo­som and shud­dered at the sight of her bud­ding, erect nip­ples. She hadn’t worn a bra to­day be­cause none of them had fit; some­how, her bust had swollen from the sting. She col­lapsed against the foot of her bed, and she felt like she want­ed to cry.

But the tears wouldn’t come. For some rea­son, she couldn’t bring her­self to just let it out. She looked over her top­less body and shiv­ered a lit­tle. She peered over her chest, which was hard­er to do than it had been only a day ago, and some­thing odd caught her eye. Some­thing about her stom­ach looked dif­fer­ent. She ran her palms along her skin, and she was sur­prised to find how firm it was. Melanie had nev­er been su­per phys­i­cal­ly ac­tive, and she cer­tain­ly wasn’t toned, but some­how her mus­cles were bulging against her skin.

She shook her head and shrugged. What­ev­er was hap­pen­ing to her, it cer­tain­ly didn’t seem to be all bad. Who wouldn’t want a bounci­er bust and gor­geous abs? Re­al­ly, aside from the weird an­ten­nae, all the side ef­fects of this in­ci­dent were strict­ly pos­i­tive! She stopped rub­bing her stom­ach, and her at­ten­tion turned to her breasts. Her nip­ples were thick, and her are­o­lae had grown dark­er. Some­thing in her told her that she shouldn’t, but she want­ed to, and real­ly, why shouldn’t she? It was her body, and she was all alone. Ner­vous­ly, Melanie ran a fin­ger­tip along the bot­tom of her right nip­ple, and the re­sult­ing sen­sa­tion made a smile un­fold across her face.

She pinched her nip­ple be­tween thumb and fore­fin­ger, and she moved her left hand to tease and play with her oth­er breast, too. The sen­sa­tions were all fa­mil­iar, of course, but they were also sub­tly dif­fer­ent, and she had so much more to play with now, too. Melanie felt her­self moist­en­ing be­tween her legs, and she hasti­ly un­but­toned her jeans, then slid a hand in­side to rub her cli­toris.

Mmmm.” This was nice. She would al­most be able to for­get about her predica­ment if her an­ten­nae weren’t so ob­vi­ous­ly flick­ing around in­vol­un­tar­i­ly, but she didn’t mind. She slipped two fin­gers in­side her slit, and she rubbed her pussy lips and the in­side of her vagi­na. She slid onto her back and kicked off her pants so she could lie more com­fort­ably on the car­pet­ed floor, and her left hand danced from breast to breast, rub­bing and teas­ing, re­leas­ing soft lit­tle gasps and moans.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she plunged an­oth­er fin­ger in­side her slit, ready to cum, want­i­ng to cum, slid­ing in and out and des­per­ate­ly mas­sag­ing her clit. She felt the cli­max com­ing, and she spread her thighs wide as she squealed with ex­cite­ment and the warm plea­sure washed over her body. “Ahhh~” She slowed her hands and gasped for air, then opened her eyes and stared at the ceil­ing with a re­lieved smile. She’d need­ed that.

Af­ter loung­ing in the af­ter­glow for a cou­ple min­utes, Melanie even­tu­al­ly scram­bled to her feet and stum­bled into the bath­room to clean up. She ran her hand un­der the wa­ter, and glanced at her­self in the mir­ror. Her heart skipped a beat. “Oh my god.” She quick­ly turned off the tap and leaned in clos­er, sure she was see­ing some trick of the light, but no, it was real. Her an­ten­nae were dan­gling over her head, look­ing al­most a foot long, and she could even see them at the edge of her vi­sion if she looked care­ful­ly enough, but that wasn’t even the most dis­turb­ing thing. She pressed her face inch­es from the mir­ror, but no mat­ter how care­ful­ly she looked, it was the same: her eyes were sol­id, jet-black orbs.

Melanie took a step back, phys­i­cal­ly shak­ing, and she looked down at her­self in hor­ror. Just min­utes ago, she hadn’t looked this way, she knew it—she’d been re­mark­ably or­di­nary look­ing when she’d seen her­self in her car mir­ror—but this was def­i­nite­ly not or­di­nary, not even hu­man! She whim­pered, but just as she was about to leave, a sharp pain in the back of her spine forced her to buck­le over and grab hold of the sink to steady her­self.

Afraid, she reached around and felt the spot just above her butt, and when her palm brushed against some­thing hard and slip­pery, her arm re­coiled in ter­ror. This can’t be hap­pen­ing, she told her­self, but she forced her­self to look be­hind her and see what she had just touched. The sight al­most made her faint. There, at­tached to her butt, was a thick, bul­bous pro­tru­sion. It was dark and a lit­tle bit shiny, and though it was small, it was large enough that she knew there was no way she could fit into any of her pants, much less hide it.

She stum­bled back into her bed­room and col­lapsed onto her hands and knees, con­sumed by fear and re­vul­sion. This was her do­ing, she was sure of it; some­how, touch­ing her­self had made things worse, and now she was a mon­ster. She couldn’t wait any longer; she need­ed to see a doc­tor be­fore she be­came more de­formed. She rum­maged through her clos­et and pulled out a skirt, then slipped it on, but much to her cha­grin, it didn’t help: the bul­bous mass at­tached to her butt was not only still vis­i­ble, it was im­pos­si­ble to miss. She craned her neck to look at the mir­ror to see what she looked like from be­hind, but that only made it worse, since she re­al­ized she could ac­tu­al­ly see her vagi­na giv­en how much the weird in­sect ab­domen lift­ed her skirt.

She want­ed to look away, to fling her­self upon the bed and pre­tend none of this was hap­pen­ing, but there was some­thing keep­ing her from turn­ing around. Some­how, her pussy was… well, she couldn’t come up with a bet­ter word to de­scribe it. Her pussy was drool­ing. She turned back around and looked be­tween her legs, and sure enough, she had some­how not no­ticed that she was sop­ping wet.

She couldn’t ex­plain it. She was a freak, and she was be­yond ter­ri­fied, but her body was ooz­ing sex. Her breasts were a far cry from the mod­est B cups she’d once had; now they were mas­sive DDs, and the nip­ples al­most looked like teats they were so swollen. She licked her lips, and some­how her tongue seemed to ac­tu­al­ly fall out of her mouth, as if she’d lost con­trol of it and it was in free fall. When it stopped, she was sure she’d fi­nal­ly lost it, giv­en that she was now star­ing at a foot-long tongue that was long enough to droop be­low even her new, full bo­som.

Of course, that couldn’t help but give her an idea. She knew she shouldn’t, and she knew she should be pan­ick­ing, but gosh, she want­ed to try it so bad­ly. Her nip­ples were so full and perky, and she was so hope­less­ly turned on right now. Care­ful­ly, she guid­ed her in­cred­i­bly long tongue to her left nip­ple, and she licked it gen­tly. Im­me­di­ate­ly, she was re­ward­ed with a shiv­er down her spine, and her swollen butt quiv­ered. She found that her tongue was re­mark­ably dex­trous now that it was so long, and she wrapped it all the way around her nip­ple and start­ed to ca­ress it ea­ger­ly.

Her right arm picked up the slack on her oth­er nip­ple, and she moaned, her voice a bit huski­er than she re­mem­bered, but it sound­ed real­ly good. She no­ticed that some­thing was odd about her hands, too: her fin­gers looked strange and seg­ment­ed, and they felt odd­ly hard, as if they were ex­treme­ly cal­loused. They felt good against her warm nip­ple, though, and she was en­joy­ing her­self too much to care.

She crawled onto the bed and kneeled, lick­ing and grop­ing her breasts, and her an­ten­nae flut­tered ex­cit­ed­ly. With her new tongue, she had a free hand to play with her pussy, and for the sec­ond time in twen­ty min­utes, Melanie start­ed to mas­tur­bate. This time, though, every­thing felt more sen­si­tive, and every touch and mas­sage made her feel even bet­ter. Her plea­sure was build­ing, but it was dif­fer­ent; she want­ed to cum, but she wasn’t get­ting clos­er. In­stead, she could sense her body chang­ing some more.

She knew the con­se­quences now, and she didn’t know what she was go­ing to be­come, but she sim­ply did not have any­where near the willpow­er to re­sist the throes of her plea­sure. She felt her butt swelling, grow­ing much larg­er, and some­thing was grow­ing at its tip. She looked be­tween her legs and gasped. There was no mis­tak­ing it: at the end of her new ab­domen, right where an in­sect’s stinger should be, was a thick, rigid cock.

Holy shit,” she gasped, quick­en­ing her pace in her pussy. Nor­mal­ly, she would be ter­ri­fied, but some­thing about her lust­ful stu­por meant these new de­vel­op­ments only turned her on more. She clenched her mus­cles, and she found that she had some con­trol over her “stinger”, able to curl it clos­er and slide it be­tween her thighs. She want­ed to touch it, but she was al­ready busy with her pussy and breasts… ugh, what a weird predica­ment to be in. She was about to let go of her boobs when she felt some­thing warm wrap around her cock-stinger, and she looked down at her body with sur­prise.

What Melanie saw made her rather con­fused. A hand was wrapped firm­ly around her cock, and it was slid­ing up and down ea­ger­ly, jerk­ing it off, and from the waves of plea­sure she was feel­ing, it was def­i­nite­ly real. At the same time, though, she could feel her­self play­ing with her tits, and she was des­per­ate­ly rub­bing her clit like there was no to­mor­row. She stared at her tor­so, and she re­al­ized what was hap­pen­ing. The an­swer was sim­ple, but also dif­fi­cult to ac­cept: Melanie had four arms.

The rev­e­la­tion made her squirm with ex­cite­ment, and as she rubbed, sharp pin­pricks of pain formed on her shoul­der blades, but that only drove her ex­cite­ment high­er. She felt some­thing slick slip out of her skin, and with a flut­ter, she re­al­ized she had just grown a set of wings. They were still quite wet, and all she could do was flop them around use­less­ly, but the idea of pos­si­bly be­ing able to fly was a dream come true, and she squeezed every one of her eroge­nous zones as she fi­nal­ly cli­maxed, some­thing warm and sticky shoot­ing out of her cock-stinger and form­ing a thick pud­dle on the bed. She col­lapsed onto her top arms, her low­er pair still fondling both sets of gen­i­tals, and her eye­lids drooped (ap­par­ent­ly she still had those). That was in­tense.

She fell onto her side and breathed heav­i­ly, her mind reel­ing, try­ing to make sense of what had hap­pened, but she couldn’t even form a co­he­sive emo­tion­al re­ac­tion. Dark­ness was cloud­ing her vi­sion, and all she could com­pre­hend was a strange pool of dif­fer­ent sen­sa­tions. One of her hands was pressed against the fab­ric of the bed, and an­oth­er was rest­ing on her large breast. Her stinger was ooz­ing, and the side of it was rest­ing against one of her calves, which was odd­ly smooth, hard, and cool. Her an­ten­nae probed the pil­low she was rest­ing on, and the whole room smelled of sex. Pleased with her­self, Melanie heard an odd click­ing noise she couldn’t quite place, but she de­cid­ed not to wor­ry about it as she drift­ed off to sleep.

Melanie awoke to the feel­ing of a ray of sun­shine on her ab­domen, and she stirred slow­ly. Her mind was filled with strange mem­o­ries, and she wasn’t sure what was real or not. She rolled onto her back and rubbed her eyes, and when she opened them, she came face to face with her hard stinger.

She gulped. So it had all been real, then. There was that strange click­ing noise again, the one she had heard as she’d fall­en asleep, but she was still un­clear where it was com­ing from. She looked over her body, and she re­al­ized that the dark, shiny ma­te­r­i­al that cov­ered her ab­domen had spread over the rest of her, but much of it was also a bright yel­low, and all of it was seg­ment­ed into chunks. She looked down at her stom­ach, and she found that it was en­cased in a set of chiti­nous plates, but her breasts were com­plete­ly ex­posed, ac­tu­al­ly a lit­tle bit propped up by her strange ex­oskele­ton. Her legs were long and strange­ly shaped, look­ing more dig­it­i­grade than hu­man, and they had a com­plex set of joints be­fore end­ing in four-toed feet. A chitin heel pro­trud­ed from her sole, giv­ing her the ap­pear­ance of wear­ing high heels, de­spite the fact that she didn’t have a shred of cloth­ing on her body.

She sat up, and her wings rus­tled be­hind her. She won­dered if she could fly, but she fig­ured her cramped apart­ment was not the place to find out. They felt pow­er­ful, though, and as she moved the ra­zor-thin wings, she heard that click­ing sound a third time. De­ter­mined to fig­ure out what it was, she stared at the mir­ror on the oth­er side of the room, and she was sur­prised to see how dif­fer­ent her face had be­come. Pro­trud­ing from each of her cheeks was a thick, black mandible, and she could see them mov­ing as she in­spect­ed her­self. They look pret­ty sexy, she thought to her­self, and as she did, they flicked, and the click­ing sound fol­lowed. It dawned on her that the noise was com­ing from her, and she clicked her mandibles a few more times for good mea­sure.

Her eyes were still as dark and emp­ty as be­fore, but in ad­di­tion to her hu­man­like orbs, two large hemi­spheres had ap­peared on the top of her head, also black as can be. She re­al­ized that they were seg­ment­ed eyes, which ex­plained why her vi­sion looked sub­tly dif­fer­ent. Her brain blend­ed the two sources of in­for­ma­tion so seam­less­ly that she could hard­ly con­scious­ly tell the dif­fer­ence, and while her vi­sion didn’t seem much sharp­er, it did seem much more sen­si­tive to mo­tion, since she seemed to be in­ti­mate­ly aware of every twitch of her an­ten­nae.

She forced her­self out of bed (and out of the patch of her own dried spunk) and stood ner­vous­ly on her new legs. To her sur­prise, they felt re­mark­ably nat­ur­al, maybe even a lit­tle more steady than be­fore. Her ab­domen curled be­hind her, and when she want­ed to, she found she could swing it be­tween her legs far enough to al­most point her stinger at the ceil­ing, and a part of her won­dered with a small blush if she could hit it. She took a few steps for­ward, and she mar­veled at how pow­er­ful her body felt. The way her legs were ori­ent­ed, she felt most com­fort­able in a slight crouch, but with a lit­tle bit of ef­fort, she could draw her­self to her full height, and she es­ti­mat­ed that made her near­ly six and a half feet tall. In her nor­mal stance, she wasn’t near­ly that high, but she was still quite a bit taller than be­fore, clock­ing in at around six feet.

All told, she felt fan­tas­tic, and the sight of her body made her drool from every spot on her body. The pre­cum form­ing on her cock was more than a cou­ple drops, it was more like a cou­ple tea­spoons, and her pussy was cov­ered in a light film. Even her nip­ples were wet, and when she gave them a lit­tle pinch with her arms, thin streams of milk arced across the room. “Fuck­ing in­cred­i­ble,” she whis­pered to her­self, equal parts amazed and turned on by her new body.

A thought drift­ed through the back of her head: shouldn’t she be su­per freaked out right now? She thought back to how she’d felt the day be­fore, her tiny lit­tle an­ten­nae bud­ding out of her head, but while she could re­mem­ber feel­ing that fear, she hon­est­ly could not bring her­self to un­der­stand it. Every­thing about her new body felt good, and she felt strong and con­fi­dent. Melanie had al­ways called her­self a shy in­tro­vert, but she didn’t feel that way any­more, her new fan­tasies of show­ing off her sexy body to her friends only mak­ing her want to rub her­self some more. Old Melanie would have been ter­ri­fied of these thoughts, but new Melanie sa­vored them like can­dy, and she clicked her mandibles ex­cit­ed­ly.

Her wings flut­tered once again, and sud­den­ly, she knew ex­act­ly what she want­ed to do. Melanie hur­ried over to the glass door that led to her small bal­cony, and she quick­ly slid it open and stepped out­side. She drew a deep breath, sa­vor­ing the feel­ing of the cool air against her naked body, and she sighed hap­pi­ly. She peered up at the roof, and she stretched her up­per arms and her legs un­til she just bare­ly grabbed hold of the edge. She pulled, and to her sur­prise, she eas­i­ly lift­ed her­self onto the ledge, amazed by her own strength. She crawled onto the roof her her apart­ment build­ing and scut­tled up the shin­gles to the top