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Perfect Girlfriend

Thank god it's Fri­day, you think to your­self, shak­ing your head. You knock on the door to hear an ea­ger, "I'm com­ing!" from with­in. You hear her run­ning, then the click­ing of the lock and the turn­ing of the knob. The large, wood­en door swings open, and your girl­friend is stand­ing hap­pi­ly in the door­way. Your jaw drops when you no­tice her; she is beam­ing.

"I grew it for you," she says lov­ing­ly. "Come on in­side! They're warm and soft and all yours."

She tugs you over the doorstep with­out giv­ing you time to re­act. Once she's dragged you to the couch, she pulls her shirt over her head so you can get a bet­ter look. Her breasts have grown larg­er, rounder, fuller, and firmer, and she puffs out her bo­som proud­ly so you can feel them, yet you are re­luc­tant. Not be­cause of their sud­den growth, but be­cause there are three of them.

She gig­gles. Her hands push the out­er two boobs to­geth­er, squeez­ing the cen­ter ball of flesh from both sides. "C'mon, don't be afraid. I know how much you like them. And look at how soft and plump they are, all for you!"

You gin­ger­ly touch her left breast with your right hand. They do feel nice, nicer than they used to, you ad­mit. "That's right," she coos, "try them all." You grab the oth­er end now, lov­ing how sol­id the orbs feel un­der your flesh. Feel­ing sheep­ish, your fin­gers trav­el to­wards her cleav­ages, both of them, and you grab her mid­dle tit. You want to tug on it and ca­ress it and rub your face on it, but you sim­ply mas­sage it, which quick­ly elic­its a purr of ap­proval.

Her tongue rolls out of her mouth, and you see that it seems to have changed, too. It's longer, drap­ing over the side of her face, and it twitch­es and wig­gles as you knead her boobs. It seems to trick­le out of her mouth—two inch­es, then three, then five—un­til it is near­ly touch­ing her tits, caus­ing you to re­coil your hands slight­ly. She slurps her tongue back into her face, falling onto her hands and knees, and looks up at you again. "Why did you stop?" she asks in­no­cent­ly, seem­ing­ly un­aware at what had hap­pened.

As she gazes up at you, doe-eyed, you no­tice her ears are point­ed, like those of an elf. In fact, her whole face looks a lit­tle dif­fer­ent... it's still her, but her eyes are wider and brighter, and her hair is longer and fuller. Her cheeks are soft and warm, and her chin comes to a sub­tle round point. Her cute gaze trav­els to the lump in your pants, and her tongue im­me­di­ate­ly falls out a few inch­es in an­tic­i­pa­tion. Her hands fly to your belt, and she wastes no time un­zip­ping your fly.

"What's got­ten into you?" you ask, con­fused, but she al­ready has the tip of her tongue on the head of your cock. She wraps it around your shaft, coil­ing it again and again, mak­ing you groan with plea­sure. She hun­gri­ly slides her wet mouth all the way down your erect pe­nis, and her ass flies into the air as she push­es you onto the couch. Her back­side has got­ten big­ger too, if only a lit­tle, and some­thing seems to be hap­pen­ing to it. A lump in her tight jeans forms, and out wrig­gles the stump of a small fleshy tail. "Ahh—" you try to be­gin, but you only man­age to grunt. The tail wrig­gles out of her spine and wags through the air, a small barbed tip form­ing on the end.

Your eyes re­turn to hers, which are strain­ing to look up at you as she guz­zles at your thick, throb­bing cock. Her mouth feels bet­ter than any vagi­na ever has, es­pe­cial­ly with her dex­trous tongue-ten­dril lick­ing and suck­ing fu­ri­ous­ly. You can sense an or­gasm build­ing in­side you, get­ting ready to spill over into an un­stop­pable blow. You know she doesn't like the taste, but the load is com­ing, and it's com­ing quick­ly. "I... I'm gonna cum," you yelp in warn­ing, but she only wraps her lips around you hard­er, and you push over­board into vi­o­lent or­gasm, ejac­u­lat­ing what seems like liters of sperm into your girl­friend's mouth. She care­ful­ly con­tains every drop, and you feel her long tongue work­ing to en­sure she leaves your dick per­fect­ly clean. She pulls her face from your crotch, and as she licks her lips, you no­tice they've changed, too. It's still a mouth, and it still pos­sess­es a mas­sive tongue, but it's trans­formed in shape, look­ing al­most like a... well, like a pussy.

She laps the last few drops of cum from her up­per vagi­nal lips and mur­murs a sound of plea­sure. She sits back up on all fours and her de­mon­ic tail lazi­ly flaps be­hind her. You are at a loss for words. She smiles, a fun­ny sight with her gen­i­tal-mouth, and slurs in a strange­ly sul­try voice, "You taste de­li­cious!" She gets up, her ass bob­bing sex­i­ly. "But now I need some­thing to wash it down. I'll get you some­thing, too" she says with a wink.

She re­turns from the kitchen car­ry­ing a glass of wa­ter and a glass of milk, the lat­ter of which she hands to you with a grin. You've re­placed your pants, but she is still quite top­less, a fact that she ex­ploits in or­der to show you where the milk came from: a quick squirt from her mid­dle teat con­firms the all-nat­ur­al source. A bit skep­ti­cal, you take the glass and raise it to your lips and take a ten­ta­tive sip, and to your sur­prise it tastes ab­solute­ly de­li­cious! You gulp down most of the rest of the warm white liq­uid and put the glass to the side. She rests her head on your legs and seems to al­most purr. Con­fused and at a loss, the words "I love you" al­most sub­con­scious­ly es­cape your lips while you del­i­cate­ly stroke her hair.

"I love you, too," she slurs hap­pi­ly. You set her head down on the couch and stand up to re­turn your glass. What the hell just hap­pened? You walk into the kitchen and put the glass in the sink, and a small vial on the counter catch­es your at­ten­tion. You pick it up and check the la­bel. It is faint but read­able, writ­ten in a strange scrawl. Per­fect Girl­friend, you read, wan­der­ing back into the liv­ing room, vial still in hand. She sees you hold­ing it and grins de­vi­ous­ly. You look clos­er. Some­thing else is writ­ten there. 2 dos­es. The bot­tle is emp­ty.

"Eeep!" you shriek, but your voice is that of a stranger. You drop the vial, which falls to the ground and shat­ters. There is a strange pres­sure against your white but­ton-down shirt—two lumps have formed and are grow­ing fast. "No..."

But­tons strain, then burst. You fall to your knees, hold­ing your hands in front of you, which are al­ready look­ing slim­mer and more pe­tite. Hair is falling into your field of vi­sion, which you strug­gle to push out of the way. Your shirt is peel­ing away, mak­ing room for your rapid­ly grow­ing bo­som. "What have you done to me?" you ask help­less­ly, in a no­tably fem­i­nine voice. Afraid, your hands stray to your crotch, search­ing for some­thing. You slip one in­side your loos­en­ing pants, hop­ing to find what you're look­ing for. In­stead, you feel a wave of in­tense plea­sure, and you re­al­ize you've just slipped in­side your­self. "No!"

But she has al­ready start­ed mov­ing to­ward you, and her own pants are com­ing off as well. She drops her jeans, show­ing off her sexy panties. Yet be­neath her lin­gerie is some­thing dif­fer­ent, a fa­mil­iar bulge... specif­i­cal­ly, a thick, hard­en­ing cock. It is strange, shock­ing, and al­most dis­turb­ing to see the male mem­ber sit­u­at­ed upon your girl­friend. It is pressed against her chest, con­tained there by the only gar­ment she is still wear­ing, and you can see it grow­ing big­ger and more erect be­fore your very eyes. When did this bizarre growth ap­pear? Had she held it be­neath her while she was busy giv­ing you a blowjob and show­ing off her milky tits? Per­haps it had even been there from the mo­ment you'd walked in the door? You feel un­set­tled, maybe even dis­gust­ed at the thought of your girl­friend teas­ing you while hid­ing a con­cealed pe­nis just out of sight.

She puts an arm on your shoul­der and uses the oth­er to tweak your left nip­ple, which sends your slen­der legs kick­ing in a sud­den in­vol­un­tary spasm of plea­sure. She kneels on top of you and smirks. With­in mo­ments, your thrash­ing legs have been sub­dued by her re­mark­ably strong tail, which has en­snared it­self around your an­kles, lock­ing them in place. Her fin­gers stray be­low your new­ly grown breasts and be­gin to mas­sage a small lump of flesh just out of sight. An­oth­er wave of ec­sta­sy hits, send­ing you onto your back, your tongue lolling out. You see your breasts get­ting big­ger, but some­thing else is hap­pen­ing be­neath them... if only you could see be­yond these damned tits!

She push­es the new growths to­geth­er, and you re­al­ize what's hap­pened. Un­like her, you don't have three boobs—you have four. She has re­moved her panties and has placed her cock be­tween your two columns of breasts, and you can feel it grow erect against your flesh. It is both ter­ri­fy­ing and de­li­cious­ly stim­u­lat­ing. She stands over you, press­ing her strange new mem­ber against you and slid­ing it be­tween your mam­maries, stim­u­lat­ing your own new ad­di­tions, mak­ing you re­al­ize how won­der­ful they feel. Her gen­tle but de­lib­er­ate gy­ra­tions trig­ger feel­ings you've nev­er had in your life, im­plor­ing you grab hold of your breasts and rub them against your girl­friend's dick. You bite your lips to hold back the mur­murs of plea­sure aching to es­cape them. A strange heat de­vel­ops in your nethers, and in a stroke of re­al­iza­tion, you dis­cov­er you're sop­ping wet. Let­ting your gaze fall from her eyes, you speak up timid­ly.

"Put it in me," you whis­per, afraid.

"What did you say?" she slurs through her own wet pussy-mouth.

"Put your cock in­side me," you yelp, this time with a sense of ur­gency. "Please, do it now!"

Nod­ding and grin­ning, hap­py to oblige, she with­draws from your chest and un­rav­els her tail, grips your flared hips, and push­es her mas­sive cock against your drool­ing vagi­nal flesh. You can feel it hov­er­ing there, the head just bare­ly mak­ing con­tact with your slick, wet lips, and mere mo­ments lat­er she press­es past them, en­ter­ing you for the first time, and your re­straint is lost com­plete­ly as a thin squeal of sur­prised plea­sure es­capes you. She slides in and out with smooth mo­tion, press­ing deep­er and deep­er with­in you as she probes to see how far she can go. You spread your legs apart, brac­ing your­self for im­pact, and your girl­friend plunges all the way in­side you, her meaty, mas­cu­line mem­ber fill­ing your vir­gin snatch com­plete­ly, and you be­come acute­ly aware of a sud­den need to touch your new nip­ples. You can sense your own tongue rolling over your chin, but you don't care, every­thing feels so good. She pounds you re­peat­ed­ly, stim­u­lat­ing you in a way you've nev­er felt be­fore, and she rubs your clit fu­ri­ous­ly, gen­er­at­ing in­tense­ly pow­er­ful waves of im­pos­si­bly heavy eu­pho­ria. "I'm... I'm gonna cum!" she screams, and with­out much warn­ing she fires load af­ter load of white hot se­men into your ac­cept­ing wet slit. The or­gasm is sud­den and im­me­di­ate, un­like any­thing you've felt be­fore, con­sum­ing and all-en­com­pass­ing, a pure blast of in­tense sex­u­al sat­is­fac­tion. Your head rolls back onto the floor, your heavy bo­som heaves, and be­fore long, both of you are left pant­i­ng heav­i­ly, fran­ti­cal­ly gasp­ing for breath.

You look into her eyes, and you feel some­thing hap­pen­ing in your pants. A tail wrig­gles out from your spine and wags slight­ly, thump­ing against the floor. You lick your pussy-lips with new­found ap­pre­ci­a­tion of your girl­friend's throb­bing mem­ber. You take one last glance at the shat­tered re­mains of the vial on the floor be­fore turn­ing your full at­ten­tion to her body and falling into the sweet, wet kiss. Your tongues in­ter­twine and your juices flow freely. She runs her hands up and down your smooth stom­ach and fon­dles your four breasts while you lick at her wet nip­ples.


Less than a minute lat­er, some­how you've found your­selves on the couch, and she's on top of you again, her tail stray­ing dan­ger­ous­ly close to your low­er lips. "Are you think­ing what I'm think­ing?" she gig­gles with a dev­il­ish grin.

This is go­ing to be one in­ter­est­ing week­end.